Sponsor Zone

Together with our sponsors, we make every ride impactful


  • Done-for-you online goodwill marketing.
  • We operate campaigns that make your business stand out as a forward-thinking sponsor that wants to make the world a better place.
  • Let us manage this task so that you can focus on running your business.
    • Riders post mileage to Impact Fuel’s social media platforms.
      • We donate $0.01-$0.10/mile to charity in the name of our sponsors.
    • Racers donate their podium finish or championship via Impact Fuel on social media.
      • We donate $5 for 1st, $3 for 2nd, and $1 for 3rd to charity. $10 is generated for championship posts.
    • When someone donates, we tell them right then and there that YOU (the sponsor) make this all possible.

    In addition to the IMPACT sponsor package described above, we also offer sponsorship through the Sponsored Rider Club Podcast outlined below:

     Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for Impact Fuel or the Sponsored Rider Club Podcast? Shoot us an e-mail: info@impactfuel.org

     Current Sponsors:


        Impact Fuel and Podcast sponsor, Bold Racing & Suspension


        Podcast sponsor SolderWeld

        Podcast sponsor Armor Kote of Neverlift Racing

        Podcast and project XF9000 sponsor, Stud Boy Traction

        Project XP1K and XF9000 sponsor: MBRP Powersports

        Snow gear sponsor: HMK

        Project XP1K sponsor: One Stop Performance

          Impact Fuel sponsor Wiese's Lawn Care Inc.


          Impact Fuel sponsor Belleville-Canton Cab (BC Cab)
          25 Fifth Street
          Belleville, MI 48111
          Email: saferide@BC-Cab.com